Tuesday, November 24, 2009


R.I.P SQUINGY! 11/24/09 May your passing and this newfound clarity in this industry, bring about positive changes.

As the Reggae/Dancehall industry is one which is copied over and over and stolen as though it is their own, we can no longer afford to carry on as we have been. It is time to make changes. It is a shame that illness/death must occur before we realize what we have...for certain levels of knowledge/respect to be obtained in this industry/culture. You can not turn on a television set without seeing our colors or hearing our music. We do not watch/listen to these things with pride, instead we fight which side is the best side. There are countless amounts of videos on the internet of deaths and injuries due to territory wars. If you were to pass, are your children taken care of?

While you angrily shout Gaza/Gully, remember that death brings new life. While you angrily point fingers at who you felt was responsible or should be responsible for finances and other aspects of a next man's life, you are still alive and can make a difference.

The question is not, "Why aren't soundmen receiving pensions?" nor "Why isn't that sound owner taking care of his bills?"; the questions should be, "What have I done with the money I made in this industry to secure my families future?" and "Do I want my family to eat bread and butter or steak and potatoes?" Also, "Am I in this industry for entertainment or is this my life?"

Swallow the lump in your throat (pride) and join together in finding solutions. What does your portfolio look like? Do you even remember what your beef is about? How can you PERSONALLY add positivity to an industry so full of negative drama? How can you make a difference?